Orientation Schedule


Part 2 — Orientation.

Orientation begins in t- 44 hours and counting.

I check in the night before, receiving my MCard, and get to “sleep” in sweltering heat with no A/C in East Quad, then spend the following day learning about money-management and take a chemistry placement and  a French placement test. We also do a campus tour and a “theater presentation.”

Then, after a second sweltering night in East Quad, I spent hours in groups learning about how to basically succeed in college and how to register for classes. The former is just going to be refresher; I’ve been doing college for two years now, succeeding just fine. The latter is what I really need to see. My old university used Blackboard compulsively and the University of Michigan uses CTools, which means I need to learn how to work it. That night, I have orientation for the research program I was accepted into.

And then I get a third hot night, we register for classes in the morning and head home. I have to make sure I get into the Art of Film class because it’s the only way I can get into the screen arts and cultures major, which I’m really considering going into, especially the screenwriting subconcentration. There’s also the architecture major, which I’m also looking into.

My academic future is complicated; I thought for years I wanted to be an architect but now I write murder mysteries and screenplays and I like it more. I’m just figuring it out as I go. I have two years to decide and I am going to be all ready for both majors, when the time comes. With a French minor, parce que je suis français et j’aime beaucoup parler français. As you can see, it’s also very shitful currently, but I’m working on it. And I’m traveling abroad at some point, hopefully. Bonjour, foreign chickenshit!

Tonight I got my sheets and my shower tote for orientation. I had panicky visions of East Quad showers because I have seen the showers in my actual dorm and they are mildly frightening, almost as frightening as the thought of those sweltering nights. The Weather Channel has the forecast for the next few days set to sweltering; the low Tuesday is supposed to be 74˚ and Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are both 77˚. These follow blistering days in the nineties.

Let the sleepless nights begin. How fun!

-Katie Poule

Mental Notes: Remain calm. Remember fans.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with a blurry academic future, Katie. I thought I was living for myself, doing what I wanted to do, by being an education major. It wasn’t until the very last moment that I had my own panic attack and realized that I was really quite unhappy. Not all of that unhappiness came from my discontent in the education field; most, actually, came from inner-unhappiness. I was not who I thought I was; I was not who I wanted to be.

    And then I came out. Everything cleared up. Well, I take that back. You’ve seen my academic struggles (“Should I be a full-time English professor with a PhD, or should I work in a publishing house?”), so even after two years of PSEOP and five years of undergraduate work, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life.

    And it’s okay. I promise it is. It’s okay to be unsure. It’s a lot of stress for a college freshman of only eighteen to be unsure of what he or she wants to do for forty or fifty years before retiring. Hell, even my mom, at a beautiful forty-something, doesn’t know what she wants to do (although I’m convinced she found her calling with the animals in our backyard). So don’t worry. Things have a funny way of working out they way they should with or without human intervention.

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