Housing returned with my dorm assignment. I get a single. Woo-hoo! This chicken finally has a potential roost, a 10′ x 13′ white box, to be filled with all my stuff and made homey, etc. etc. At least I don’t have a roommate; I have heard horror stories from one too many people about bad roommates. My old mentor’s son was choked in his sleep by his roommate.

A visit to Ann Arbor is, for me, like coming home. I’m a legacy girl; my blood has run maize-and-blue ever since I toddled around the campus at age four. I visited Ann Arbor soon after I discovered my dorm assignment and wandered around a bit to see what’s like. The dorm was functioning as office space for the summer, so I couldn’t go upstairs and see exactly what it would be like. However, there was a very nice woman whose temporary office was in an RA’s (single) room and she let me in to look around.

The room was very nicely sized and very bright, especially for all my dark, dank dorm fears. Another fear is the state of the bathrooms. I saw the first-floor bathrooms and they are more than slightly frightening. Apparently I should wear flip-flops in there at all times, even in the showers and I wouldn’t even think of taking a bath in there, though there is a bathtub. The best word that comes to mind when describing the bathrooms is “moist”, which, according to my dear friend JS, is a word that should never be said. Another word that comes to mind is “rank.”

That day I also visited Housing to ask about the potential for bringing in my own air conditioner, as my dorm isn’t air conditioned. Turns out, there’s a form for that, and it must be signed by my physician. Yep, you heard right. I need medical authorization to have an air conditioner in my room and I am not allowed to bring in my own air conditioner, even if it is one of those floor units that only vents out the window. And the forms aren’t exactly clear as to when, how, or even if the air conditioner is removed from my window by Housing. I have a mental image of snow billowing into my room….

On a different note, I keep getting mailings from a third-party laundry service claiming to be from University Housing making ostentatious claims like, “Regular sheets won’t fit our beds!” Yeah, UMich, we get it. Your beds are XL Twin. That does not make them spiffy and, all things considered, it’s really not hard to find sheets that do fit. If all else fails, buy Queen flat and learn how to do hospital corners. It’s not that hard. And I will not spend an asinine amount of money on your scratchy-looking bedding just because it’s “guaranteed until graduation.”

I have orientation in a few weeks. I guess that will be the dorm trial run, except I will not be in my actual dorm and I will have to have a roommate. Here’s hoping we get along and she’s not crazy. I have to deal with her for three days, which is not long, if you don’t have to deal with a crazy. It might be too much to ask for a clean roommate that doesn’t encourage my OCD skills.

Either way, here we go. Home stretch until my freshman year!

-Katie Poule

Mental Notes: Buy Clorox in bulk. Polish hospital corner skills. Get reacquainted with the morning.

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  1. As much as I love you, Poule, your insane amount of naivete still boggles my mind. “Apparently I should wear flip-flops in there at all times,” obviously. If there’s one thing to know about living in the dorms, though I never had to, it’s to always wear flip-flops. Always. Your nearly illogical fears of pink mold and rat infestations are nothing compared to the basics to know about dorm life. I think it goes without saying, especially since you do it anyways, but if you have any questions — ever — you know where to find me.

    Love always,
    ~ Fab

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