Hello world!


A more accurate title would be “Hello whomever you are that just stumbled onto my pathetic little blog.”

For the sake of internet anonymity, in case you’re a crazy, you can call me Katie Poule. Poule is French for chicken, because I am, for lack of a better word, a chicken. Anatomically, I’m a female human, not exactly a “hen” and not exactly “spring,” but I certainly am green. I’m an incoming freshman at the illustrious University of Michigan. Personality-wise, I’m a chickenshit. Actually, I’m an OCD chickenshit, which is even worse.

This should be interesting…

-Katie Poule

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About Katie Poule

I'm one of the new freshman on the block, or, rather, the Diag at the University of Michigan delving into college life for the first time, even though I spent much of high school in college. Yup, it's all going to be a glorious first-time failure.

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  1. Oh, my little Poule… how you’ve grown. From being terrified of me in our first class together to popping up nonstop on my Facebook Chat with your notorious, “I have a question.” You’re going to do wonders at the University of Michigan, and I hope by the end of your four-year journey, “chickenshit” is the last adjective you’d use for yourself.

    Love always,
    ~ Fab

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